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What do single Russian women do for recreation

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If you don’t know what people like to do in their free time, you’ll have a harder time hanging out with them. Same with dating — in order to spend more time with women, you should know, where she usually spends it. Of course, you can always simply ask, whether she wants to go somewhere. But the whole point of the guides like this is to let people be prepared beforehand.

And knowing the usual places of attraction beforehand is pretty important for a non-Russian. It’s like a hunt… expect you don’t kill those you want to find most of the time.

Is it overall different from the typical American recreation?

The short answer would be yes.

The long answer would be like this: the mode of life of these people is a lot more different than one could catch even from movies. For instance, Russians largely still live in smaller or bigger communes, like family, the house, the yard and a lot more of them. This communal way of life is slow to go away (perhaps because they like it), it’s been around since the Soviet times, which ended almost 30 years ago.

And recreation is a lot like all the other time in life: people (and the single Russian women as well) like to spend their free time together, with as many people as possible. That’s why Russians enjoy having a lot of followers online as well. For this same reason, the Russian social networks are centered around communities rather than individuals.

Are Russians as emotionless while relaxing?

That’s a nice and a rather popular question. See, Russians are known to not smile at all. Wherever you meet a Russian person — in subway, cafe, the street or airport — they don’t smile back. The emotions in their culture are reserved for friends and family, a smile is not just a gesture. 

Whenever a person smiles for no reason (especially a foreigner), that means they are slimy or foolish. Be careful about doing it.

But when you’re alone with your friends, having a great time, that’s when you may turn on every single one of your emotions. That’s pretty much why Russian parties are one of the loudest and joyful. 

Where do I find single Russian women?

That’s the main question, isn’t it? Before dating someone, you need to find and meet her. Who would start dating spontaneously in the streets? You need an attraction place. Here are a few, some of them aren’t even unique thanks to the Western culture being everywhere.

Picture of female friends


Russians call them ‘Shopping centers’. But, strangely enough, some barely shop there. People mainly want a warm and interesting place to spend the evening with friends. That’s why they gather up and head straight to the brightest place in town. You don’t even need to walk outside if you want to buy yourself a drink or visit a cafe somewhere. It’s all there.

Most cities have several malls, Moscow has a few hundreds, if not thousands. Here are the biggest:

  1. GUM (ГУМ) is an abbreviation that stands for ‘Main Universal Store’ in Russian. It’s literally next to the Red Square, which makes it: А) Very crowded; B) Impossible to miss;
  2. TsUM (ЦУМ) is also an abbreviation that stands for ‘Central Universal Store’ in Russian. This one is near the other great square. The mall is a bit smaller and further from the center (despite the name). It makes it a little less crowded, supposedly;
  3. «Okhotny Ryad» is not an abbreviation, Russians are not that much into the acronyms. It’s near the metro station with the same name (the first subway line, colored in bright red). It’s pretty much in the center of Moscow if you look at the subway map.

It’s easy to find some single Russian women here, especially (as stated before) because most of them aren’t even shopping, they are ‘just looking’. Most of the time you don’t even stand in the way. 

Yet another advantage: you can always judge, what the woman is interested in the mall. The malls are literally divided into smaller specialized stores. People generally go there to see if some new game is out or how much nice sports equipment costs.

Cinema Theaters

Again, some are not unique even for Europe. Russians visit cinema theaters just like any other nation in the World. There are some ‘specifications’, though. Some countries have their own preferences in cinema. Like Japanese, who like to watch a giant lizard destroy their capital for 30th time.

Similarly, Russians like comedy more than anything. Almost every single Russian movie is either a comedy or a movie about some war or another. 

Though, of course, it’s not efficient to look for single Russian women by choosing comedy. Horror movies are better suited for the job. If you already have a girlfriend — you’ll have a great bonding experience.

If you only aim to get a girlfriend, you’ll need to sit next to one and let her interact with you whenever something creepy happens. You know, how it goes.

Picture of couple watching movie

Social networks

Despite anything you may think or be told, the Connection is stable and strong throughout the country. Russians browse online a lot, they do it outside, in the subway, in buses, at home. The most popular websites by far are social networks. Namely, two Russian social networks — VK and Odnoklassniki — with VK being in the lead by a wide margin. 

Now, dating people online is not weird, people do and enjoy that. Nevertheless, it’s pretty hard too, you need some special skills and experience to do it efficiently. You may even read a few guides on the matter if you like.

Where do Russian couples spend time together

It’s quite crucial to know this stuff because once started dating you’ll have to spend time with your companion a lot. And knowing, how Russians do it, will not only give you a clear picture of what she expects you to do, but also an advantage. 

In addition to your own idea of recreation, you’ll have a new one. It may expand your purview quite widely, who knows.


That’s right, the people in Russia mostly walk. And not just around the neighborhood, they pick the new destination each time. People from the province ride to big cities for some occasion or another. Often they take a few friends with them. 

It’s especially true for younger generations. They are always on the move, a passive lifestyle doesn’t work here, you always need to go somewhere, even if for no particular reason at all. The emotions and time spent together value more than the destination itself.


The Russian parties are not always drunken ones. People (especially students and alike) just gather in one place (generally a dorm room) and interact with friends. Sure, people drink all the time, but it’s not like everyone goes there just to get drunk. They can do it at home if they want. But if people gather there specifically to get drunk (usually on big celebrations) — this will quickly get loud and wild.

The foal of such arrangements is mostly to see friends once in a while. And if you don’t have many Russian friends in Russia, you can always trust your partner to invite you to such a party. 

Russians do it often, but not many even go there. So, if you haven’t yet found yourself in one — consider yourself lucky (or unlucky). But if you have been to one — you’ll understand at once that it’s the Russian party.

In conclusion

Now you have somewhat of a clear-ish picture of what Russians do with their girlfriends and how single Russian men meet single Russian women. Sure, you’ll have a classic weekend with your girlfriend every once in a while, but that’s how Russians hang out usually.

But in case you’re here just for research, and you merely plan to find some single Russian women to date, you may be interested in some other guide just for that or even in the video like the one below:

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