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What is an appropriate age for Russian ladies to marry?

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Russians are now standing on the borderline of generations. Well, every day is a borderline for some generations, but now is the special one. Before, Russians really liked to marry at first glance, then regret the hasty decision, divorce and repeat. Now, on the other hand, it’s more about caution.

So, if you really wanted to travel to Russia to find some Russian ladies to marry, drop the idea. Today, they are quite startled by the prospect of being stuck for a family somewhere and of the responsibilities that await you in marriage. The world now gives you a lot of new chances, and Russians have grown wiser, it seems. Marriage is now considered a dead end.

Is marriage really so looked down upon?

It’s not that Russians are scared of the idea to be ringed and have a family. It’s more of a combination of several factors at play here:

  1. A lot of young Russian people have one intrusive idea — to go abroad and either travel as far as they can or stay in some nice cozy country for good. Truth be told, Russia isn’t a very hospitable place, but not to the point that everyone wants to leave it. That’s more of a dream, and it’s pretty unclear for everybody involved, what will become of it in the future. Many people stay in Russia because ‘abroad’ isn’t exactly what they expected. But before settling down in their homeland, people tend to wander off, that’s why staying in Russia for marriage and family isn’t the most popular prospect;
  2. People don’t really see the purpose of it anymore. In the past, to seal the marriage meant to seal a trust into a relationship. But given that many marriages end up dead anyway, people who grew up in such families stopped viewing marrying as something nice. On the contrary, why would you push Russian ladies to marry you if there are so many other experiences that can show your trust?
  3. Before marrying someone, the best you can do would be to make yourself a nest with a job, future et cetera. But, unlike their ancestors, the youth now tends to start working professionally much later. And the numbers of self-employed individuals grow too. Not to mention that you can even live off the dividends and passive income now. All of this doesn’t favor the stable and quiet way of life, thus the marriage isn’t an option

As you can deduce, the average age of getting into marriage is getting higher and higher. Though, the relationships aren’t breaking down because of it. The marriage isn’t a seal of trust anymore, it’s more of an apex of your relationship — ‘it is not getting any better than now’.

Picture of a happy bride

When do Russians marry?

The age of when to start a family is something everyone decides for themselves. But an average age, as stated many times before, has a tendency to get higher at the moment. 

The young people in today’s World like to tie a knot later and later with each passing year overall. At least, that’s what the European and American data tells us. It goes for Russians too, but they still wed a bit younger than their Western counterparts. There are actually a few reasons for that.

Reasons why they get married early

The first is that marriage isn’t actually a compact with God in Russia. People in many countries tend to make a religious event out of it because other countries don’t regulate the place where you need to make it. Russia does. You can make an unofficial ceremony wherever you like, in church too. But the official ‘wedding’ must always be held at the special governmental institution, called ‘ZAGS’. 

Despite it being not very magical and pretty boring, many still prefer to hold a ceremony there, and not, like, anywhere else on the planet. That’s why most marriages are special, but not that special for people who take part in them.

The second would be the pressure the older generation gives the younger people. It’s not really a lot of pressure in most cases, but the more conservative families still insist on building a family as early as possible

And the third is the fact that many people build the most lasting relationships in their lives while at the university. It’s not a very wise decision to tie a knot while still studying, but after the term is over, they just wait a few more years and get married. That’s why the average age of the first marriage is about 27-28.

So, what’s the appropriate age?

There is a difference between the average age and the appropriate age, as you may understand. The average age is when people usually get married, but the appropriate means the threshold, the lowest age the person must be for you to propose to her.

The legally appropriate age is actually 18, men and women can’t get into a marriage without reaching this many years. But it is not the legal side you need. There are a lot of other nuances you must take into account. 

The nuances

For one, you need to know what kind of family is your future bride from. If the family is pretty conservative, you won’t have any luck before you prove your worth (that means living with her for a few years). 

Yes, the article said before that the conservative families like to espouse their children pretty early, but you are a foreigner. Hence you, most likely, can’t enjoy much trust. That’s exactly why you need to prove yourself. Don’t dedicate yourself too much to doing that, however. 

For two, you actually should date for a few years before proposing something of a sort. Proposing right from the start isn’t the smartest move, nor will you have much success from doing so. Optimally, you need at least two years, so that people don’t think you’re a madman. But the longer you can wait – the better — take into account both the modern tendencies and the fact that you need to know you’re ready for a lifetime with her.

For three, you should also understand how your girlfriend feels about having children. Building a marriage is always conjugated with building a family, that’s the whole point. If she’s pretty skeptical about having kids, then it’s better to postpone the proposal. Not wanting to raise children is actually one of the reasons people don’t marry a lot in Europe or the United States. 

Image of a happy couple

Be mindful of scams

And don’t forget that it is possible for Russian ladies to marry you after she herself proposes to you. That’s not very common in Russia, but it is not unheard of. Truth be told, some of the earlier marriages, urged by the women, are actually scams.

She proposes to you, you think it’s your natural charm at work, but in reality, she just wants to take half of your fortune after the divorce (which may soon follow).

So, be mindful of such schemes.

Finally, when do you marry a Russian?

Well, if you must know the final number when you can propose Russian ladies to marry you, here you go.

You can’t know one number, because, as you’ve read, everyone decides for themselves. The average age, however, is about 27 now, maybe even more (the data isn’t really fresh). 

Again, it’s not the appropriate number. If you need to know when to offer marriage and not get gazed weirdly, wait at least until 24. Why 24? It’s the age when most women drop out of the universities. That’s when the true adult life begins with all its intricacies and the need to know what to do next.

In conclusion

The ‘appropriate age’ is a formality, a theory. You can’t really expect to marry a woman as soon as she turns 18, 24 or 27, do you? You need to live with her for a big while before trying to get married. You need to understand her and truly love her. It’s not enough to just ‘care’ for her, it’s a responsible endeavor. 

And if you need some more advice on how to date Russian women, be that serious lasting relationships or a temporary experience (for some reason), you can check out some of the other articles on the website. Or, if you’re no fan of reading, go watch the video with the facts about Russian women:

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