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What You Need to Know Before Dating a Russian Woman

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People tend to avoid mistakes in every sphere of their lives. This rule definitely works when it comes to building healthy relationships. There is no man who wants to look like a loser, especially, if his goal is to start dating a Russian woman. So, here are some essential rules that might be useful in case of going out with a Russian woman.

They may seem a bit arrogant or cold at first

It is important to show your confidence if you hope for a second date with a Russian girl. If you seem like a wishy-washy boy to her, you won’t be able to set your own rules. If you can’t do that, you will lose her respect eventually. Russian women like to do a check or some kind of examination before dating a man. Be patient and don’t let her do everything as she pleases. She expects you to be assertive and self-confident in every aspect.

Show her how important she is

There are some rules that are extremely important to follow:

  • pay attention to her appearance;
  • make her compliments;
  • pay the bill;
  • carry her heavy bags;
  • open the doors in front of her when entering and exiting.

This list can go on and on forever, but it is necessary to learn these rules. This would be a great start.

In general, you have to be a gentleman, in the strict sense of this word, because Russian women are really traditional, and they’re likely to choose men who take care of them. Of course, there are some exceptional women, who tend to take a leading position in their relationships, but it would be better if a man takes control of everything.

Russian women are literature and art lovers

Don’t expect her to go to a club or some other place of that kind. She will gladly accept your invitation to the theater or movie. It will be an advantage for you if you know some basic Russian words. If you’re at least at the elementary level of the spoken language, she will be really impressed. She will show you her interest in everything that you do connected with art or poetry. Don’t forget that she expects the same from you. She will be always ready to tell you an interesting story and you will never be bored with her.

They love the courteous and educated ones

Education is highly valued in Russia. That’s why Russian girls are quite educated themselves, and they look for a man who will be even better in comparison with them. It’s also one of the most positive sides when dating a Russian woman. You will never have a feeling that you’re talking to a silly little thing. Tell her about the books you’ve read, share some emotions with her. Russian women can get very interested in you as a person. It will serve as a basis for your future life together.

Let her be late

Don’t get angry if a Russian woman is a bit late for your first date or any other meeting. She will never do it on purpose. All the Russian ladies were told that they shouldn’t arrive on time if they worth something. Don’t try to find out what happened because it may seem rude and even lead to a conflict. Maybe she was stuck in traffic or something really important happened.

Keep in mind that some Russian women can arrive on time, but they will spend 15-20 minutes somewhere else and only then they will come to the right place. Hug her and pretend that you were ready for this waiting.

Russian women are tender, thoughtful, and emotional

You will notice it in the process of intimacy. If a Russian woman made her choice of a man, she will never let him go. You will be well fed, and your house will always be shining like a diamond. She will do anything possible so that he will feel comfortable. She will take care of you like you’re her baby. Sometimes it can be annoying, but try to be in her place and never confront her about it.

You will definitely find out that she is super emotional when you will be watching some drama movies. Try to understand her, and never tell her that she is crying over nothing. If you say so, you will upset her even more. In addition to that, you will lose some faith on her part. If a Russian woman sees that her man can’t share her emotional feelings, she will be closed for a conversation in the future.

Support her in anything that she thinks is important. You should make her feel that she is weaker than you are. Be some kind of a shield for her. Give her a feeling of a barrier that can prevent any bad thing from her. It is extremely important for a Russian woman that she is in safety when you’re with her.

They enjoy romantic walks and unexpected surprises

When it comes to unexpected surprises, you should really do some thinking about what to give her. This isn’t about flowers, expensive wines, and other ordinary stuff. Of course, they do love flowers, especially, if they get them for no reason. Don’t pay too much attention to giving her presents all the time. Try to create something your own. Something she will never be able to have from another man. Only then, she will actually realize the value of your gifts. It doesn’t have to be too expensive. Russian women love when their men do something with their hands.

Things that Russian women adore

Russian women are the best wives

They put their families on a pedestal. Russian women are the best wives and mothers. They will defend the principles of their families till the very end. They may also seem quite rude and aggressive if someone speaks ill of their relatives. No matter how stupid and unbearable her relatives are, you should never tell her that. You should keep in mind that she might be your future wife, and that means she will also furiously defend you.

Actually, Russian women are constantly thinking about getting married. They’re really extremely serious when it comes to relationships. It’s probably because of the Russian women’s mothers who grew up in a time when a woman couldn’t survive without a man. Back in their days, they were getting married when they were 18. Times have changed, but Russian women tend to marry quite early because of societal pressure and the desire of their mothers to have grandchildren.

There is a joke that when you meet a Russian woman, she is already planning the details of your future wedding, and she knows the names of your children.

Truth about Russian brides

Try to speak less

Of course, during your first dates, you will have to open up to her, but then you should think about greater things. Russian women don’t really like too talkative men. They have their girlfriends and work colleagues for that. When it comes to their man, they want to see him as a man of action and not a typical talker.

Russian women can handle talking themselves, but they don’t expect you to chat with them all the time. They may try to draw you into a conversation, but you should never react too much.

Bear in mind that if you promise something, you will have to do it no matter what. Russian women are really serious when it comes to promises from the male part. So, don’t talk too much if you can’t do what you’ve promised. The less you speak, the better for you and for her.

Be a strong personality

Russian women want to have a man with a future. It means that you should have a clear plan for your future life. If you don’t have this plan of your own life, a Russian woman will surely think the same about your future life together.

She is not going to count the amount of cash in your wallet as long as you’re striving for something important. For example, if you have your own startup, she will only support you on the way to success. She should be sure that you will achieve something in the future. Never say “I don’t know” to her because you’re going to prove your inability to make your own decisions. You should always have a firm decision on any problem that you will face.

What Russian women really want

Don’t talk about your past

You shouldn’t ask about her past too much either. It’s not necessary to talk about any pleasant or unpleasant moments of your life. Forget about your exes and everything connected with them. You have to make a good first impression.

Try to imagine that you have never met anybody else except your Russian girl who is now sitting next to you. Would you really disappoint her with all those exes? If you notice that you’ve just had some other girls before, it will be more than enough. Don’t give any other details.

You should admire her no matter what

All these feminist trends don’t work in Russia nowadays. Every Russian woman wants to hear that she is the most beautiful and charming girl in the whole world. She wants her man to look at her as if she is an innocent child. If you can do so, then you don’t even need a high-paid job or anything else. You will have to try hard before you can actually find this fine line between falling in love and true love.

There are lots of pitfalls when it comes to dating a Russian woman, but a real man can always find a way of the right approach. This approach is just a matter of time and effort.

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