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Where can foreigners get acquainted with a Russian single?

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Some contemporary psychologists, as well as social scientists, affirm that nowadays the marriage institution is in kind of a crisis. People tend to get married later than they used to do that even a decade ago. Divorces are increasingly going up in figures. The couples fairly often don’t want to have kids.

Whether it’s true or false is not the subject matter of this article. We are going to help overseas guys who still keep believing in a marriage to find some sufficient ways how and where to get acquainted with a Russian single. Women from that vast country are really popular with Western men as now as it used to be the entire historical period the dating agencies and services have existed.

Why are there quite many single women in contemporary Russia?

Single women from Russia

Nobody doubts young Russian women’s natural attractiveness and beauty. The same concerns world-famous personality traits girls in Russia can be proud of. However, foreigners can’t help getting astonished when they found out that the number of single women in Russia is very high – around 40% of the common number of them.

The reasons for staying single are fairly different and not always easy to clarify. More often the following events and features can cause the situations when the woman remains alone:

  • High mortality rate among the sterner sex
  • The increase in the number of divorces
  • Late age when women and men start a family
  • The desire to be free of responsibilities as long as possible
  • Alcohol abuse among men although this feature has become the recent years a lot less significant in comparison to the period one-two decades ago.

It’s very important to overseas men to keep in mind that Russian women avoid any contact with guys who are addicted to alcohol. Russia knows such a period in history when it used to be a huge issue in the country. It’s hardly possible to state that nowadays this problem has been solved but it’s doubtlessly not so pressing than some decades ago.

What are single women’s aims like?

Weddings of Russian single girls

Female singles are of different ages that is why their aims can vary and often depend on the experience and social status. Young women tend to leave their native country for abroad. They plan not only to settle down in terms of a family but also successfully promote themselves.

Middle-ages women, most commonly, are focused on a family. The career often doesn’t interest them very much although there are, definitely, some exceptions. They would rather stay in their homeland since they realize how hard in their age to promote in another little-known country.

Advice to overseas men who are in the quest for a Russian single, wife or bride: You are supposed to be careful while starting relationships with a Russian woman. They quite often have had a negative experience and feel suspicious of any guy they meet up with.

Think over each of your steps while socializing or just chatting away with Russian women. Spontaneous actions are appreciated by gals, yet they should be pleasant and bring along only positive results as well as emotions.

The ways to meet Russian singles

That’s a given that nowadays you face plenty of various options to get to know the opposite sex. You can single out that way that appeals to you at most. Whatever you have chosen, the result 100% depends on you, your sincere desire to find a Russian single to know her better and to start many promising relationships.

 “The strength of women comes from the fact that psychology cannot explain to us. Men can be analyzed, women merely adored” (Oscar Wilde).

Dating websites

Single women from Russia on dating websites

Nowadays the internet-market provides so many dating websites that you can be easily confused. An endless array of experts give some advice on how to pick out the sufficient platform and succeed in your quest. We can give just one tip: do your best to avoid scammers on dating websites.

There are some reliable criteria that help to avoid such sort of women that occasionally happen to get on your way to happiness with a soulmate:

  • Swindlers always have a few profile pictures
  • They give too blur informationabout themselves
  • While chatting or swapping emails they never agree to meet up at once in person
  • Their profiles haven’t been verified
  • They quite frequently touch the matter of money.

The question that overseas guys often ask how widely-spread the dating scammers are. At present, when dating websites get usually special high-end security systems installed it occurs quite rarely. Yet nobody is proof against cases of fraudulence, therefore, foreign lads should be careful and always on the alert.


You shouldn’t restrict your quest only on internet-dating. One of the best ways to make new friends and acquaintances is traveling. Why not head off to Russia. That’s not so dangerous and risky as some overseas guys got used to thinking. The short trip can give you an excellent opportunity to meet Russian gals in person.

You can go to one of the popular resorts where the vibes allow you to be free and more open-minded rather than in everyday life in a city. The list of the best resorts sufficient for such purposes is fairly long:

  • Sochi
  • Gelendzhik
  • Yevpatoria
  • Anapa
  • Adler
  • Tyapse
  • Feodosia
  • Koktebel, etc.

All of them are located on the famous Black Sea. However, you can pick out the most romantic Russian city Saint-Petersburg and head off there. The number of places to get to know Russian women is quite huge:

  • Museums, first of all, the Hermitage and the Russian museum;
  • Small picture galleries
  • Parks, first of all, world-famous Summer Garden
  • Rivers, channels, and canals that run through the city; you can take an excursion on a motorboat and go around the North capital city; at the end of the event there will be a great opportunity to talk over the impressions with one of Russian gals involved in that excursion; it will be exactly the very beginning of your future relationships;
  • Open-air gigs after which you can also discuss the performance with a woman presented there
  • Shows and performances at a dolphinarium, oceanarium, fashion festivals.

The more venues you visit, the more opportunities to strike up an acquaintance with a Russian single you will have. Remember that Russian people are willing to socialize, open and sincere in their intentions although you, unfortunately, can come across some sort of rudeness or aggressiveness sometimes.

Public venues

Single women from Russia at various public spots

Some guys find conferences, international pitch meetings or forums sort of a perfect opportunity to make personal acquaintances throughout recesses, tea or coffee breaks. The buffet is also a very convenient way to start a small talk with a woman involved in the event.

Some daring lads don’t mind coming up to girls strolling down the town streets and squares to start chatting away. You don’t need any special courage for such a way of social communication. After your successful attempt, you can go on with the talk somewhere else in more suitable and sufficient circumstances.

Any city has oodles of public venues that can be used by blokes to get to know Russian singles. The most convenient out of them are the following:

  • Parks
  • Boulevards
  • Social events
  • Catwalks
  • Exhibitions
  • Movie premiers
  • Conferences.

Men that disappoint Russian singles

Girls don’t normally appreciate some male qualities that can gradually ruin any relationships even if at the very beginning they seemed to be ideal. The most disgusting out of them are the following:

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Laziness and lack of a strong desire to get actively promoted
  • Financial insecurity
  • Untidy looks
  • Inability to support family members morally as well as financially.

Men attracted to Russian singles

Russian singles’ choice: men they like

Russian singles’ desires are quite realizable. They just wish to be happily married, have children and live in peace with close relatives. When it comes to male characteristics women appreciate most about them they are commonplace:

  • Kindness
  • Resourcefulness
  • Generosity
  • Determination
  • Affection
  • Devotedness
  • Well-groomed looks.

In conclusion

It’s not too complicated for foreigners to steal a Russian single’s heart away. Whatever you do while socializing with gals from Russia, you ought to be careful, considerate, thoughtful, and kind. The success will gradually come to you.

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