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Why are hot Canadian men attracted to Russian women?

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When one looks through the photos of hot Canadian men on an international dating site, they inevitably ask themselves, why on Earth a man like that would look for a soul mate abroad? It’s absolutely impossible that there is a lack of interested women in their home country. And if it’s actually true, what hope an ordinary man has compared to these athletic and absolutely good-looking guys?

The truth is, there are lots of Canadian women who are interested in a romantic relationship with them indeed, but what they have to offer is not enough for a hot local man. That’s why he tries his luck on a dating site. Russian women are especially popular amongst Canadian men, and for good reason.

They are undoubtedly beautiful, and their appearance is one of the reasons men from all over the world flock to Eastern Europe. However, with an average Russian woman, it’s so much more than looks. So why are hot Canadian men looking for their soul mate in Russia? Let’s discuss it in more detail.

Canadian men on international dating sites

Russian women are extremely romantic

While women in the west are practical and down to earth when it comes to relationships, Russian ladies are extremely romantic. They believe in traditional gender roles – a man is supposed to be a conqueror, a bread winner, and a great decisions maker.

He is strong and confident, ambitious and resolute. A girl is supposed to be a dainty princess who is waiting for her true love. Russian girls start dreaming of a white wedding dress since they’re very small. When they join a dating site, they don’t look for a man who potentially could be their husband.

They look for their second half and perfect match. Hot Canadian men like this kind of attitude – with a Russian woman a guy has a chance to feel like a man. His strength and masculinity is deeply appreciated, and he is honoured to win the heart of a beautiful, delicate, sophisticated lady.

Girls from Eastern Europe are patient and diplomatic

These character traits are embedded in Russian women’s genes. They are very strong willed, but patient at the same time. They know how to deal with a man in order to make him do what they want without being obtrusive. They know their way with words.

A man is supposed to be the head of the family, and a woman – the neck that turns this head in whatever direction it finds necessary.

Russian ladies are very careful when it comes to dealing with the male ago. They let a man think he’s the centre of the universe and it would be absolutely impossible to accomplish this or that without him. Even if a woman is more successful in her professional field and her salary is much higher than her husband, a man is still considered the head of the family and bread winner.

If a woman can perform certain tasks thousand times better than her husband, she’ll still ask for his advice just out of respect for her partner. Hot Canadian men are very good at playing the leading role in a romantic relationship, that’s why they are naturally attracted to Russian women.

Devotion is one more character trait that attracts them in Slavic girls. Women in Eastern Europe are very loyal to their partner. They don’t go for adultery and expect their boyfriends or spouses to be faithful as well.

Men from Canada meeting Russian women on international dating sites

Women in Russia are adventurous and curious by nature

If you have an adventurous spirit, a Slavic girl will make n excellent partner for you. Women from the Eastern European countries are famed for their intelligence and inquisitive mind. They like to explore the world and learn about new cultures, traditions, cuisines and lifestyles. A Russian woman makes a perfect companion if you like to travel.

Education and good reading habits make a difference

Girls in Russia and other Eastern European countries are encourages to get a degree or two before they get married. Even if they choose to be housewives and take care of their husbands and kids, they’re absolutely capable of making a living on their own.

After graduating from high school they study at universities, institutes, colleges and so on. The majority of Russian girls also read a lot. Generally speaking, Russian women are one of the most well-read sections of the world population. In the age of technologies and internet, they still prefer a good book.

Every Slavic girl read at least a few classical novels, written by both Russian and foreign authors alike. Hot Canadian men never get bored with Russian women, because they also have a story to tell or an interesting subject to describe.

Slavic women live a healthy lifestyle

It’s no secret that Russian girl place a lot of importance on their appearance. Most of them are blessed with excellent genes. Nature is generous with Slavic ladies indeed. But it’s not only an excellent genetic pool that defines the typically Russian type of beauty.

Girls in Eastern Europe are fitness enthusiast, and they do everything possible and impossible in order to remain slim and attractive. They work out on regular basis, they jog in parks, they walk to their workplace and back instead of taking a public transport. They take dance classes and aerobic exercises.

Also, they mind their diet. An average Russian girl rarely overeats, and her daily menu contains simple and healthy dishes – mashed potatoes, rice, buckwheat, vegetable and fruit salads, fish and chicken, soups and homemade pies. If hot Canadian men search for someone who’d encourage them to lead healthy lifestyle, a Russian woman will make for an excellent match.

Canadian men looking for a romantic relationship with Russian women

Russian girls are great cooks

If you’re a foodie, you know that happiness if being married to someone from Eastern Europe. Canadian men know this, too. A Russian cuisine is one of the most authentic and interesting cuisines in the world, and it’s always a pleasure to discover new dishes from different regions of the country.

A Canadian man who’s in love with vareniki, pelmeni, bliny, borscht and shuba salad is getting a good deal when marrying a Russian woman – all thse dishes will be pr of his daily menu. Slavic girls are taught to cook excellent dishes since childhood, and lot of them genuinely enjoy preparing all sorts of delicacies for their loved ones.

Slavic ladies are excellent mothers

Having a husband and kids is what makes a woman happy, according to Russian girls. Even if they’ve managed to build a successful career, they’ll rarely choose it over being housewives and taking care of their families.

They gladly combine family life and professional achievements, but if they have to make a choice, family always wins. The majority of Russian girls get to look after their siblings or cousins when they’re small, so motherhood comes naturally to them. Their kids are never neglected. A Russian woman does a lot in order to give her kids a happy and carefree childhood.

She’ll take trouble to organize their leisure time, help them with their studies, prepare healthy food for them, take them out, purchase beautiful and comfortable outfits for them and so on. Kids in Russia often consider their moms their best friends. Even when her children are grown up, a typical Russian woman will keep a close contact with them. This kind of family connections is something that definitely attracts Canadian men.

Of course, we can’t generalize when talking about hot Canadian men or Russian women. Every person is unique, and everyone have their own love story. But there is definitely a trend among Canadian men to marry Slavic girls, because local women lack some character traits guys appreciate. If you’re from Canada, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try your luck o an international dating site.

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