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Why Should You Date a Russian Woman

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Russian women for quite a long period of time have been very popular among foreigners. Features of mentality, extraordinary views, ability to find a way out of any difficult situation, a combination of features of an angel and a demon, and, of course, charming appearance – here the incomplete list of the properties of the Slavic woman distinguishing her among representatives of other countries.

Look great – always

The very first fact that draws attention and which surprises foreigners — Russian women always try to look spectacular. European and American women in the first place put practicality and convenience, Russian beauty – beauty. Regardless of the reason for leaving the house, whether it is a visit to a nearby supermarket or an evening walk, the appearance should be flawless. Make-up, hairstyle, beautiful clothes, shoes with high heels, perhaps this is not always appropriate, but the external gloss above all.

And if you have a special day, the Russian wife must take care to make a lasting impression on everyone present. The only drawback of this quality – time. It is necessary to be patient and “a little” wait until the companion will be satisfied with their appearance. But there will always be a beautiful woman who can not be looked at without admiration.

Your personal psychoanalyst

One of the features of the mentality of Russian people is sympathy. This quality manifests itself in early childhood when girls wear out of the house food in order to feed the hungry cat or yard dog. A chick that fell out of the nest, it is necessary to bring home and cure. Caring for others is passed on with the mother’s milk.

A Russian wife can not pass by if she sees that her husband is upset. It must necessarily begin a spiritual conversation and to know all the hardships. Problems husband she takes as their own, so be sure to try to find them a solution.

The same applies to children. Russian mother will never leave her children without attention. While the children are in the house of their parents, she will be interested in every minute of their children’s lives. When children grow up and create their own family, the mother becomes the closest and most loving grandmother. She will still be happy to listen, sympathize, advise and try to help.

Ability to overcome difficulties

It just so happened that a Russian woman believes that she should be strong. To his Sputnik’s she can forgive any weakness, itself – never. It will help to overcome any difficulty that stood in the way of a loved one. Where foreign wives give up or hire a specialist, the Russian wife will fight to the last.

She stoically will transfer financial adversities, will try to cure of any illness. All those who will be under her influence – husband, children, grandchildren, unhappy relatives – will receive support from her. At the same time, she will not consider that she sacrifices herself – it is her duty: to be responsible for the whole family

Features of gender views

From time immemorial in Russia there was a Patriarchal system. Its bases sit in consciousness of the Russian wives so deeply that still can’t be eradicated. As a rule, in an ordinary foreign family, both spouses are equal partners. All duties are divided equally, there is no “female” and “male” work.

Most women from Russia believe that the husband should provide for the family, and they do household chores and raise children. If there is a party in the house, the owner of the house is obliged to entertain guests, and cleaning dishes and change of dishes rests on the shoulders of his wife.

A touch of Patriarchal can be traced in the intimate preferences of Russian women. Many are convinced, the man has to derive the maximum pleasure. They are well versed in various techniques, may even be too keen on acrobatics, but it is often a show, the purpose of which — to satisfy a man.

However, some have a drawback — do not always know what they want. Girls can hint, but the man himself has to guess and to show the wonders of deduction. In any case, Russian wives, because of their nature, very temperamental, learn quickly. The task of the partner is to direct correctly, and indelible sensations are provided to both.

Every Russian woman is a good hostess who knows how to cook borsch. If she knew the recipe for this “mystery food”, it means that she is not from Russia at all, but just pretending. The stereotype that all Russian women only do what they cook, while fat, plentiful and a lot, is very popular, especially among Americans. They can be understood — most Americans do not know how to cook at all, except that, to heat in the microwave. But unfortunately, in many Russian cities this stereotype is no longer relevant.


In Russian family education was always welcomed. Girls are required to do well in school. In addition, they usually attend additional clubs: dancing, singing, playing a musical instrument, needlework, etc.

In the West, the attitude to women and the position of women is very different from the Russian reality. There emancipation prevails not only “on paper”, but also in public opinion. For a woman is not accepted to pay, hold the door, give way or help with heavy bags.

European women are quite satisfied with this position. Looking at the order in Russia, where the weaker sex is taken “care of”, they wonder why our compatriots still do not declare a revolution and overthrow male chauvinism. However, as noted by Anna-Lena Lauren, a Finnish journalist who worked in Russia for several years: “Apparently, the most carefully guarded secret of Russia is as follows: women are not stupider and not weaker than men — on the contrary. But no one told the men about it.”

After school, compulsory admission to higher education. They benefit from this against the background of women from Asian or African countries, where women are mostly poorly educated. As a result, most Russian wives can not only look great, do household chores, but also know how to play musical instruments, sing, dance. And in case of financial difficulties in the family, almost every Russian wife will be able to turn her talent into a business.

The Russian woman is often described as selfish and unfeeling with a purse instead of a heart and “with the same empty brains as her hair seems light and smooth.” This stereotype developed in the 90s, when thousands of beauties from the countries of the former Union rushed through the opened borders to look for a beautiful and stable life in the West. The idea that marriage to a foreigner, whatever he was, better than life in Russia — has not led to one personal tragedy and formed in America and Europe a clear belief that Russian women are willing to do anything to get European citizenship. The attitude towards them was appropriate. Even today, with a visa at the border have to explain to officers that the main purpose of the trip — business or tourism, and not the search for the second half.

Keeping up with progress

The high level of education of Russian women and their fearlessness before difficulties cause also one more useful quality. Russian woman is well versed in gadgets, mobile devices and a variety of applications. Finding the right information will not cause any difficulties.

If she needs to make a trip, and even more so with the whole family, she will develop a route. Every moment will be thought out to the last detail — buying tickets, booking a hotel with optimal conditions, search for interesting places and their description. This will take into account the wishes of each family member.

The Russian woman is unassuming, tries to keep the family hearth, loves her children (I would say, even too). Nevertheless, a Russian woman there are two major minus — it’s jealousy and obsession. If a Russian woman marries an Eastern man and lives in Russia, the quarrels in the family less. But if, after getting married, she goes to her husband’s country, after a while there are problems, because in the East there are many details, and they are important.

Example: we have a lot of respect for the elders in the family. And if the room includes the husband’s parents, he and his wife stand up — the Iranians are just in the blood. But no Iranian husband will not say directly to his wife, they say, you have to get up when they get older. Or, conversely, you should not interrupt when the husband is talking to his older relatives. She doesn’t have to do anything, it’s just a show of courtesy and respect for customs.

Beauty, care, education, wisdom, readiness for any difficulties for the sake of relatives are qualities that make Russian wives desirable companions of life.

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