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Women of Europe similar to Russian ladies

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Russian ladies for many people in the World are, for some reason, an apex of what a real woman should be like. Not only this statement includes natural beauty, but also the typical behavior and societal norms taught to them.

You guessed it, the latter two strike roots into what’s going on in the leading Western countries at the moment. The total overhaul of all traditions leads people to look for companions abroad.

But as soon as the thought of doing so enters the mind — the logical question comes with it. The question is «is it even rational to travel all the way to Russia just to find yourself Russian ladies to date?»

For many reasons, it’s not (and not because it’s an evil barbaric empire, as some want to think). It’s just not convenient to travel there if you didn’t have any experience before. You can date online, it’s even better in some aspects.

Surely, Russia didn’t buy a monopoly on all good-looking and sweet-tempered women. There must be other countries in Europe that can provide women who value tradition and being beautiful. And there are some.

Eastern Europe

It’s the first place that should come to mind. And, well, it’s worth looking into, many countries here are not as progressive as those in the West. However, it’s also a bad thing — most people here barely speak English and don’t have that level of comfort as France, Britain or the United States can offer. 

But a good thing is that some of them come close to this level and retain the spirit of old times, like the Czech Republic or Poland (more details below).

Eastern Europe is overall good destination, it’s culturally diverse and lets you pick your own way out of many possibilities. Coming here would be time well spent.


Czechs are more liberal than most Easterners. They legalized a lot of lighter drugs, have a soft taxing system, don’t beat you up for minor offenses, you get the idea. On the other hand, the Czechs are still pretty conservative in many ways.

For example, the research says that only 12% of Czech families would accept Muslim as a member of a family (even Russia has 34%). And the same goes for many other controversial questions.

That means that Czech ladies (as well as society as a whole) don’t necessarily adopt the popular tendencies for the sake of it. Many still retain their traditional role in the family. Exactly like Russian ladies.

At the same time, Prague is known to be a night city. Many people, including young women, spend their time here hanging out at nights. Drinking, energetic leisure and having a pretty liberal ‘intimate’ life are quite popular time spenders. They don’t do it every day though, just at the weekends.

And Czech women are rather beautiful, which is a good perk and precisely what many people travel to Russia for. Well, now some of them know that the Czech Republic is no worse. In fact, the country is the most Western (in many aspects) of Eastern Europe. Traveling there doesn’t take as much time, and the population there speaks English quite well.


Poland is one of the most exemplary Eastern European countries. That said, they’re pretty jingoistic, very conservative, have less tolerance for other cultures and pretty much dislike any outsiders. It’s not exactly how Russians react to everything, but it’s close. 

Poles, as well as Russians, still teach girls how to tend to the home at schools, and nobody complains. They are just as tough (in terms of character) and undemanding as Russian ladies. The similarities are staggering, even the national costumes look alike.

Don’t worry about Polish beauty as well, it’s a well-known fact (not as well-known as in case of Russians, though). Despite their beauty, they aren’t overconfident with foreigners. Like Russian ladies, Polish women largely find outsiders exciting. Which is nice because you are most likely not a Pole. 

And about that ‘very conservative’ part — don’t worry, they won’t kill or beat you. It’s just that they won’t trust you nearly as much as you want.


Ukrainians are culturally and genetically very close brethren with Russians. Scientific stuff away, the two peoples are extremely close in many aspects. And not like Scottish and Irish, more like Belfast-Irish and Cork-Irish.

Without a doubt, the Ukrainian women are averagely as beautiful as their cousins, and you’ll surely know how to handle them if you’ve ever dealt with Russian ladies.

The only question is, why would you choose Ukraine over Russia. Ukraine is much poorer, much more marginalized and less civilized. You’ll probably not want to travel to any town apart from these cities:

  • Kyiv (Kiev);
  • Lviv (Lvov);
  • Dnipro (Dnepr);
  • Odessa;
  • Sumy
Picture of a Ukrainian woman


Little known fact, there’s a third nation within the East-Slavic family. Belarus is a small country between Poland and Russia, and Minsk is her capital city. The local population, the Byelorussians, resemble Russians a lot. Their language is so alike to Russian, those who speak the latter can understand somewhat understand the former.

Belarus is a calm, civilized, but poor country. Only Minsk may be advised as a worthy urban touring destination. And when you try to get along with the local feminine population here, you’ll notice that ladies of Belarus only vaguely differ from Russian ladies in both appearance and temper.

Places worth mentioning

There are also countries where women resemble Russian ladies, but to a lesser extent. Still worth the mention:

  • Bulgaria;
  • Serbia;
  • Montenegro;
  • Slovakia;
  • Croatia;
  • Moldavia (Moldova)

The Baltic countries

A bit of a controversy, but Baltic peoples have absorbed a lot from Russians. Scientifically speaking, the appearance, the general behavior and, to an extent, culture are all contained within out genetic structure. Our DNA holds all of it, and Russians have been benevolently sharing their DNA with the people of the Baltic region for a long time. 

They didn’t change too much, you still can notice that the people of Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia are not Slavs at all, but over the centuries they have received a bunch of Slavic traits. Moreover, the Balts still have that lifestyle that has been brought to them by Soviets. This lifestyle favors being helpful, and it didn’t vanish from Russia as well.

The physical appearance matters too, of course. And the Balts have it covered. Alongside Russians, Scandinavians also contributed a lot to the Baltic peoples. And they are also largely a good-looking group of nations. 

But the average person doesn’t care about the relations between the national groups, sure. In that case, a usual observation proves that you may spontaneously meet beautiful women just walking outdoors in Riga, Tallinn and other Baltic cities. And that’s not a rare sight, too. 

And there’s one more advantage: the Balts speak both English and Russians pretty well. So, apart from your (presumably) native tongue, you can speak to them in Russian if you know some of it.


Italy is by far the most outstanding and unique place in all Europe. Traveling to this peninsula is almost like traveling to another continent, it just can’t be more exceptional in many ways. 

Italian society is also pretty unique. People here live in big families, it’s a main social element in the country. And the more to the South you go, the more strongly marked this statement gets. Italians in the South value their traditions and their families over everything else in the World. They won’t abandon it for some vague progressive ideas.

That means that women in Italy are still romantic, caring and rational. Just like in Russia. It’s pretty strange that Italy, out of all countries, resembles Russia so much. 

And sure, everyone knows how gorgeous Italian ladies are, it’s just a common fact. Sure, it’s not a competition, but if it was one — it’s unknown whether Russian ladies would come out a winner.

Picture of lady from Italy


Greece is one of the hotter countries of Europe, both regarding the temperature and the overall condition. The reasons behind these are not the main theme here, but it’s worth mentioning that Greece is, obviously, in bad condition at the moment. Because of this, you probably would want to visit the place.

However, the women of Hellas remain good-looking. It’s a southern country, after all. Plus, culturally Greece and Russia are pretty much akin because the latter took a lot from the Greek architecture, religion, society et cetera. Even more so, Russia took on the role of the successor of Rome (which belonged to Greece beforehand) when Constantinople became a Turkish city.

Overall, the Greek and Russian ladies are spiritually and physically alike (if we exclude the part where Greeks live far more to the South and have darker hair and skin. 

In conclusion

In the end, finding a girlfriend is every man’s own business, we all got different tastes. Like everything about these amorous things, everything depends on individuals. It’s impossible to draw an absolutely perfect guide to this. However, a few notes, based on observation, common knowledge and history are never in vain. Use them well.

But if you’re still only looking for such partner, check out this video for basic tricks on how to impress a Russian lady:

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